Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fall is approaching, you better be ready

Vlada Roslyakova and Anna Selezneva
Natasha Poly, Anabela Belikova and what sweetie?
Nathalia Benkova and Ksenia Kahnovich
Karlie Kloss and Daga Ziober
Ginta Lapina and Karmen Pedaru
Daria Strokous and Natasha Poly
Vlada Roslyakova, Charlotte di Calypso and Mathilde Frachon
Vlada Roslyakova and Dorothea Barth
be strong, believe

Sunday, August 14, 2011

man, this woman is unbelievable! she just gave birth and is already in excellent shape! they say it's easier to get rid of the body fat when it's your first child.. but i doubt that her second time will be any different! anyhow miranda is the most beautiful person in the entire universe!
yes i've been an awful blogger lately.. been working like carzy considering school starts in less than two weeks! and my network connection has been turned off, still sort of is, on the laptop.. using my blackberry to post from for the very first time, and it is working excellent though! yay! have the best of times and i'll try to post soon again, it's going to be more often now when school starts i promise!!
be strong, believe