Thursday, July 9, 2009

Burberry & Balenciaga to kill/die for, literally!

Left to Right: Leather lace-up rubber soled platform biker boot & Braided strap rubber soled platform sandal by Burberry.

Suede cage bootie with suede sash by Balenciaga.

I'm in love with those, all of those! And like I mentioned, TO DIE AND TO KILL FOR!

So once again, I'm sorry for not writing more often. But I "kind of" told you guys the reason... however when school starts again, I'll write more often as in almost every day or every other day.
If I make it to August, that is, hopefully I will, right! Well, I been sort of lifeless since my dream was taken away, I just can't help myself with thinking that I would be better of... somewhere else.
Wel, talk to you another time. Have a great summer, or what's left of it at least.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Miranda Kerr

"If I could be like that I would give anything, just to live one day in her shoes!"

So my life is a living nightmare, seriously it's like hell! I don't know what to do, is there something (anything!)? Everyone (almost everyone) is against me, and the person who's not, doesn't have the power to do anything neither! God, I totally concidering IT now!
Well maybe I should just face it... I'm screwed! But I don't want that, and that's why I am considering IT!

Miranda is pretty f***ing perfect. And I am well aware now that I'll never look like her ever, I'm stuck with my discusting body!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A change to finaly start over?

This lovly model is something that you'll presumably never become! PURE PERFECTION! (I'm certinly not telling you this to blow your chances, just thought you be better of knowing!)
So, everything I've allways fought for been taken away. That's incredibly cruel to tell the truth! And how can someone be cruel like that? Well don't ask me, I'm the victim here! However myself, I've always thought that people are supposed to take care of themself and mind their own business. But apperently that's only my opinion. So this is why I haven't got the opportunity to write, and I'm sorry.

One question only: What do you do when your life are falling apart?

A) end it once and for all?
B) rebuild it?
C) or try to live the "falling" life?

Well, since I'm a fighter that's don't gives up so easily I was going for B. (But I don't blame you, I mean A was my first answear too!)

Or maybe this is a change to finaly start over, and live a healthy loong life, and enjoy it?
Haha! Just kidding, I'm not retarded!

Just had to take some pictures of Miranda Kerr. 'Cause this creature is stunningly beaiutiful and flawless. Plus she's a huge insperation these days, I mean just look at that body. Just a little workout and I'm there!