Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shoes are a girls very best friend

The fact that a shoe is a girls very best friend is an oh-so-very-true statement! Think about it for a second.. even when gaining a lot, it's always possible to take out your shoes and wear them for hours, then you will not only feel stunning and also are they helping you burning the damn callories at the same time. Also shpping them is, in my case, like therapi litterally you know. Some would obivously call it a issue though...
Anyways.. Those shoes beneath are from the swedish brand Acne, and I am seriously concedering them.. Though a have a pretty hard time deciding which one: the metal black, the grey gun or just the plain grey, which in some way seem a bit boring! Anyhow the black metal have always been my fave of all time so I believe I'll go for them.. Cause they are looovelyyyy!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Does anybody have even the slightest clue who this sweetheart is?
He is so effing hawt!




Wednesday, February 24, 2010

classic yet edgy

(Pardon me for putting up such a dizzy photos. But I had to print screen myself, and to copy and all of that stuff, and the quality.... not so great!)
Mk and Ash collection is utterly adorable, and very much wearable. If I had that sort of money, I would buy and wear every single piece of it proudly!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reached a conclusion

I guess we were right all along, A, your saying and my deep,deep inside knowing.. And now it's a fact.. a knowledge! I supposed I'm fucked up... I was to naive not beleiving the feeling, way to be pathetic right? Well there's obviously only one thing to do.. playing it nice, to destroy the one I once "trusted" anyhow.. That one is not the one to blame when it comes down to it.. It's none other than myself, but I am way done with it for a change.. I'm over them all and from now on I will live my life doing what's best for myself and none other than myself. I'm done being bossed around!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lots to do

Amanda remains my all-time favorite model. There is something so real about her, and her face.. Even when she smiles, she looks like she's in a whole lot of misery.. like the sadness is there coverd by the smile, though so easily shining through. That's one reason why I'm head over heels with her look.. Plus her style is great as well.