Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The lower part of my body is all covered in fat, I am literally disgusted and want to like rip it all off of me..... My collar bones is incredibly hard, almost impossible, to discern. Frankly I don't know what to do. My "parents" told me I am still eating to little, but believe me I am not! You see, I've gained almost 10 pounds in less then half an year, which is unbelivably (disgustingly!!!!!!!!!!) much! I mean... WHAT ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? Yeah, stupid question indeed, LOOOSE IT! Well, the thing is I was forbidden to exercise up till today actually.. They let me know, for about 4 hours ago, that they are going to give me a gym card, on one condition: I have to eat more every day, and cannot, on any conditions, skip meals of any kind... They even told me that I have to eat junk food sometimes! I mean seriously... JUNK FOOD?! ARE YOU FOR REAL? Well appearently yes!
Wish me luck with the work out, though! Am going to need it!

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