Thursday, February 11, 2010

Once you go black you won't go back!

Ruslana Korshunovanzi

It's sort of sad to think of the fact that this "goregeous-hair-and-aborable-face" beauty died a couple of years back. I assume all of you are very aware of the story: "20 years old model jumpes off her balcony in NY.." It has been said that she was very depressed of late, and why wouldn't she be, right? She was having an eating disorder, and although it's possible to actually be happy with one, Ruslana, as so many other young ladies, was not. So she "called it a night" for good. And I don't blame her. I've been "black" or "grey", as I like to say, myself for nearly a decade. And I must say I find it rather.. demanding! If you haven't been there, you are sure as hell not aware of its symtoms, and, in my opinion the absolutely wort part, the way people actually treat you.. like there is something seriously wrong with you, when all you clearly want is perfection! I ´just wish they would be, at least the bit, understanding!


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