Monday, February 27, 2012


This Swedish model is fresh and beautiful! Her name is Klara Wester and she started out at
She has worked for Björn Borg, Nelly and is now working for Gina Tricot.
She also have shot for Zink magazine and ads for Guess.

I predict this one is going to do pretty well in life!


an audience of one

Hi guys!

Ok, I know I told you I should stop blogging. Well, just in order to clarify one thing and another, this other round of blogging is for me and me only.. What I mean is that I will not blog for the sake of someone else, this will be for myself and I'll use it as a way of saving my pictures and finding inspiration of lots of things!

If you want to continue reading, I am glad, and I you does not I guess that is fine too!

Well, in other words I am back, and probably back to stay!