Sunday, January 31, 2010

thin recipe!


Why would anyone, so beautiful as Nicole ever wants to have a baby.. Telling the truth, that's absurd. I mean, I would never do such a thing to my body, and absolutely not if it looked like Nicoles. To be honest, it's a such a waste!! She had the how-do-I-do-to-get-her-perfect-body sort of body, which is kind of ironic when it comes to it... lol! Though one thing that's even more ironic, when she had her frist little Harlow, she worked out, and got back in shape, and then all of a sudden, she ends up pregnent yet again! Oh my, never in a million of years did I see that comming. But there he was, Sparrow, her second baby.. and now she's not even skinny anymore. I pity her, cause you could definitely see it in her eyes, the fact that she did love it being skinny. I mean, ever noticed her ANA symbolic bracelet.. DhadhamH! Here it goes.. the ever so red bracelet. I'm about to get one myself, actually, cause perfection is to come! Just a matter of time, obviously.


Saturday, January 30, 2010