Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm back in my brain trying to comprehend..

What the eff is wrong with me?

Ess, as I wrote earlier today.. I'm back!
This isn't a good news, you know. Beeing back in my brain, as I like to say, is pretty stupid, though nothing I can controll. You see, it's like beeing in a rut, or probably more like a abuse of any substance. I think that's what I should call it "brain abuse".
However, all night long I lay in my bed trying to understand, and find a cause, why I should go on breathing.
Though, when rising from the bed of mine, I desided, this isn't to be a habit. I have to do something to change this brain abuse. I need to thing of something that's worth living for, something that makes me happy, that makes me wanna stay alive. Though I have no idea at all what that could be!
Well, when I rose this morning I tried to think of something, something new.. Not an easy thing, I'm fraid I have to admit.
Anyhow, it sort of worke d. I am going back to what I used to concentrate on. Education!

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