Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here's a riddle for you, find the answer.

I've alway thought of myself as someone who doesn't matter. Someone who's too ugly for affection, for beeing loved and for loving. Some of you may wonder why I am doing this to myself, and the truth is.. it's not painful at all. You see, what's painful is eveybody taking care in my own business, this matter of fact is me doing something out of my own life. I have to actually earn beeing someone, and one day you'll look at me on the screen and say, "That girl is so talented and, somehow, way too beautiful for existing!" And you'll have no idea at all that I am the same girl whose blog you have once or twice been reading.
I have to make something out of myself, else what's the purpose with life?... If your life was already made up for you, how you were going to live it and everything, would you then like to carry on, or would you do what is to come sooner or later?
Therefore I've got to do something impulsive, something to make myself know that I am not living a made up life!

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