Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shallow? might seem that way!

If you'd ask whoever that knows who I am, they would guaranteedly call me shallow. Though I'm quite not, just another act of mine.. However I prefer to call myself self-consious, you see, I'm very aware of myself, but not in a shallow kind of way. You know, I'm not the girl who believes herself to be the most prettiest girl in the world... I am just aware-aware of myself, of my flaws to tell the truth. Anyhow, I could rise from where I am sitting just to stand in front of a mirror, doing nothing, for the next thirty minutes or so. I would studdy my very own reflexion, counting all the flaws of mine, telling myself that I'm not capable of becoming perfection itself. It's sort of tragic I suppose, though I'm used to it... used to be as ugly as ugly might be, to others.


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MARISA said...

i love the rawness of calvin klein images

so amazing