Saturday, August 29, 2009

The model of the day: Snejana Onopka

This beauty is flawless. I never thought perfection was possible, but obviously I was wrong...
There's a first time for everything I guess.

Fucked-up life!

So, today is a new day; a begining of your new life, so they say.
Well, not in my life. It's now setteld -I'm moving out. Or correction, I'm beeing thrown out.
And obviously I can't do anything about it, AT ALL!

It all started when my father (wish he wasn't, seriously I do) said I had to go to see a smirk, yeah you got it right, a smirk.
However, I refused, of course. But the thing is, he demanded me to go, but as stubborn as I am I hold on to my dessicion, which but he did as well...
And I can't let hem win this battle, you wouldn't either believe me, because that's the way he is. If he win once, he'll always try to controll you, you have to fight back, to take him down once and for all. Sometimes I think killing him might be the only way to actually get ridd of him!
God, in your opinion I probably sound like the pshyco (but I'm not, just been psychically abused and became seriousley sick of it).
On the othe hand, you don't know him, or some of you do... anyway, now I'm moving out, and I have no where to stay... I'm considering IT more than ever, I need ana first.. another option might be another countrey , what do you think about it?