Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saw it. Read it...

And Hon, I just want you to know that I do care.
You believe I let you down, and yes I don't blame you. But you have to understand and respect that the decission of mine -leaving- was all I could do!

I mean I could never let you down (would never, for that matter) like this if it wasn't something important, and what I desire the most is, I assure you.

Think about it for once. If someone notified you for suffering from an illness, you would had done the same... or maybe not, sorry.... you would had told me, wouldn't you?

But they called me sick- probably still do! Do you know how that's feels?
I mean they even had intentions of putting me in some kind of cell!

And why stay when moving in the first place was because of it?

So to tell the truth I don't regrett it, just not telling you, or leave you a note, clue or anything!

I can't help everyone's unparelled lack of knowing what's important in life! And you were right about what you said Darling- as I always known, this is certainly no disease, in fact I'm just maknig something out of what I call nothing!

So that's why I can't bring myself to regrett the decission of mine.

About one thing you said made me - being a fighter... You were wrong, but you are not anymore, I believe! ´Cause the words of yours mabe me realize that I am better than this, that I don't have to take it anymore.

But I am still considering it, and I know you are to! Since oyu been feeling like me... So I guess we are pretty fucked-up, aren't we?

There is just one thing you have to know! YOU MATTER so incredibly much, and never ever dount that! Promise.

PS. I want to call you, but you know how much I suck at it, how I hate phones... But I knid of deserve it, don't I?


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