Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Don't you people just love Snejana's body?! I know I do!! Oh big geeeez, I can't wait till I'm moving out. Then I'll be able to live my life the way I care to live it.. in other words, in a little bit of a thinner atmosphere, so to speak!


at your funeral


all I am losing is me

Dear Anonymous,
in a previous post you'd ask me if the girl in "MK inspired" pictures was me, and also did you ask how tall I was. I'm not quite sure if you ever noticed the comment below yours that I posted myself, in order to reply on your. In my belief you did not. So, I'll just let you know over this post, I figured.
First of all, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but It's not me in the photos.
I, on the other hand, have long blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. I'm 5ft6, not very tall. I'm not fat, to others that is, cause if you'd ask me, I'm very fat.. or in my opinion normal is the same as fat. At any rate, I'm not comfortable uploading pictures of myself just yet.
A. I'm not satifyed with my look.
B. If I ever want to become a model in the future, despite my lenght, this probably isn't the bet idea. Matter of a fact, this could ruin my whole career, since this blog isn't appreciated to all people!
Anyways, thanks a lot for liking the posts of mine.(that sounded wierd, did it not!?)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

cars and calories, saves the day

Her life was magazines
And faithful TV screens
Selling an empty dream
Of cars and calories
Everything in between
The sun and Saturn's ring
The price tag can't be seen
And it took bites
Out of her insides
Till she was just a hallow shell
Grew up in east LA
Watching celebrities
Living out all her dreams
The plastic canopy
Of US royalty
Drew her gaze towards the sky
Away from her own mind
And it took bites
Out of her insides
Till she was just a hallow shell
And at home her mother cried
Cause daddy had something on the side
They didn't look up when she sighed
When August came around
Bathing suits on the ground
Replaced by a cotton cloak
To see her own reflection
Was like squinting in the sun
And when all tomorrow brings
Is a set of broken wings
Well it takes bites
Out of your insides
Till you are just a hallow shell
And it took bites
Out of her insides
Till she was just a hallow shell
(a song has never defined me just as much as this one does)

everybody's got their box


only ones who know

Freja's legs is superskinny, reallly, and it's envious. I envy her for it!