Monday, June 7, 2010


Just realized I haven't uploaded any post about Freja ever...
Well, thanks to 'Anonymous' that is going to change..
So if you're pleased.. Thank her, lol!



Anonymous said...

I'm soooo pleased to see me Freja here and thanks for reading my comment! was that you in the previous post inspired by MK Olsen? Oh and if you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? (if that was you in the pictures) Thanks and keep up with the amazing posts! xxxxxx

Nat said...

OF COURSE I READ YOUR COMMENT! I'm sorry to disapoint you, but it wasn't me in that post.. I'm not confortable putting up photos of myself just yet, well I am going to upload as soon as I feel good about it.. Anyways, I'm 5.6 feet, so I am not very tall, so to speak..

Thanks for liking the posts (= and for reading!