Sunday, May 24, 2009

it's never to late for a change

Isn't this ring like really cool..

I'm devoutly sorry for my lack of updates, but I'm going, from now on, to try to write every single day. I can't promise you anything "like it won't happen again", though, 'cos it probably will. The reason? Everything is just so messed-up, and I am f***ing sick of it. I kind of don't know anything anymore. So I guess it safe to say that I'm in dire need of a change. But it's seriously difficult to change something when it's not yours to change. What I mean is, I have a lot on my mind because of school. Well, that excause is ceartinly not acceptable, right? So I thought! However I'll try to keep up with the bloggin', until then, I wish you the best of times. Hope you wish me the same.

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