Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Healthiterian, the real deal?

Once again I'm sitting here, in front of the computer as so many times before this... And this time, as well, I'm doing the very same thing - EATING, and not whatever, matter of fact it's chips and candy that I am eating.(The last words make me wanna vomit, the reason I had to say it, to torture myself.)

Bad habits or An obsession?

Well I am not allowing myself to be the second one, you see, I've done that to many times no.. I've told myself "This ceartinly is the very last time, so I allow you to eat that stuff today" or " It doesn't matter if you eat today, perhaps you'll die tomorrow". But the thing is I am STILL alive, and with that said I cant allow myself stuff like that, when i dont even enjoy it!

So I came up with this new thing, since I'm in desperation of following orders, though, only the ones I make myself.

I am from now on a anti-canditerian, which is the same as a healthiterian. A anti-canditerian do not eat candy at all... And a healthiterian do only eat healthy, they dont eat for sugar of any shape, if they have to they instead take, for instant, honey.

So this is all starting tomorrow, with one exeption.. If I HAVE to eat some of the disgusting kind of things, it's only one that week..


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Anonymous said...

You didn't come up with that alone. We did together, remember? :O