Thursday, October 28, 2010

fever's washing over

Went to face the night pretty early yesterday, comparing to every other day of the year, feeling slightly unattached, lost and not to mention pathetic for having those feeling. Woke up in the early moring, both sweaty and dizzy, gripping my cell determind to find out the time: 10:47.. stange I thought. It was still dark outside though. Hearing voices from downstaris I immediately went down the stairs. 'What day is it?' I asked looking as confused as ever. Fits of laughter and unfamiliar gases face me, "Wednesday darling". I walk back to my room, my head was spinnning with explosion ready to explode. If it wasn't for the fact that I never go out, I seriously would had thought that I was being druged. I swallowed a bunch of pain- and sleeping pills as I laid down in the bed (how else was I supposed to sleep when less than four hours felt like a whole night had past by?) Well, the pills didn't make the sleeping any better, I should had known. The night was indescribably long and the nightmares as sick as the could have been.

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