Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I just received an anonymous comment asking about the previous post.
Well, the girl's name is Laurence Beauvais, and the photos are taken by Alain Richard.
The magazine's Elle Belgium and it's November 2010 issue.
And here's some more pictures. Enjoy!
be strong, believe


Me, the naked said...

WOW, she's cool.
she's got some particular features
gorgeous, and your blog too!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hey Nath!! How are you? I'm sorry about my late comment! Working full time and school has kept me from replying to comments promptly but I really enjoyed reading your comment regarding the boys vs girls streetstyle. Sometimes I envy the boys for having it so easy in life. They can go out at night alone and no one will bother them, no matter how good looking they are. While a girl can't go anywhere by herself at night or day for that matter because she will get harassed and the world is a lot of cruel and dangerous place. *sigh* but yeah, we do have a lot more options for expressing ourselves more. Take care and talk to you soon! xxxoxooo