Sunday, February 20, 2011

backstage: rag and bone 2011

I've been having a God-awful lot to do lately, and the times been passing so insanely fast. Can't almost remember what I have done.. Well, catching up with FW is what keeps me sane. (Sorry A, we just have to hang out the upcoming week!!)
Irina Berezina, Patricia van der Vliet, Suvi Koponen and Sara Blomqvist
Mirte Maas and Sigrid Agren
Patricia van der Vliet and Melissa Tammerijn
Julia Nobis and Suvi Koponen
Jac Jagaciak and Edita Vilkeviciute
be strong, believe


A.. said...

It almost sounded like you were talking to A in pretty little liars :D

Anonymous said...

Does! Haha, and that is nothing but creepy!

xxx S

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hi Nath! How are you? Yeah, it feels nice to have Saturday all to myself but my boss was such a pain in the neck though so I had to work until 7:00PM last Friday. Arrgh, I can't wait to say goodbye to her. I really love these looks, especially Jac and Edita, they both look so pretty! Natural beauties! xoxoxoo