Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A-m-a-n-d-a Norgaard, I saw you on a cover on cross bay boulevard

For sure you've heard the Vaccines, I mean who haven't! But I doubt you know they wrote a song about Amanda? Well, they did! And it's, not so unexpectedly, called Norgaard! Short thereafter the lyricist and vocalist Justin Young told NME and Q magazine: "She was beautiful but she kissed my friend. It didn't affect me as much as the song might suggest it did but I thought it would an interesting experiment to write a song about something that wasn't beating me up. I'd only ever written about things I was obsessing over, it made a nice change and came pretty easy." He also stated he and a friend went on a double date with Amanda and a friend of hers. "This other girl and my friend… who got off with the pair of them," he sighed. "I usually can only write when I'm agitated about something."
I've been absent lately, I am aware of that fact.. although it's been dead much going on, in fact I haven't got the time to start my laptop! I'll try to change that, promise.
be strong, believe

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