Tuesday, August 3, 2010

love conquers it all

Do you know the scariest part of growing up, well I do.. Having no life, or fun in your life. You see, it's summer, and I haven't even realized it yet. My vacation ends in 2 tiny little weeks and the truth is, I haven't even been for a swim in the ocean! I have a swimmingpool, and haven't even taken a bath yet!! Am I going crazy? And another thing occured to me this afternoon... I was watching The Last Song, and the father said the most cliché thing ever, I quote "You're the most kindest, sweetest, most beautiful daughter in the whole world" and then the daughter replied with the words that he's sort of obligated to say that to her, and the both of them had a laugh.. Although that is not the point, the point is.. well, I've never heard that from anyone, seriously! My father acts like I don't exist (not that I would want it any other way, but still) and my mother, well, she is dead to me.. I mentioned once that I had a stepmother, which I still do, and we are pretty close, or were.. And I don't even know why I am telling you this, just I hate having it inside, you know, it just grows larger.. the whole in my heart! I'm sorry for bothering you guys with my boring life. I'm just sick of pretending like everything's ok when it's not.. nothing is ok, anyways.. Have the best day ever!

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