Saturday, September 4, 2010

We don't want they to connect the dots, do we?

Dear Anonymous yet again,
Yes it was kind of weird shouting out to you so personally, just I had no other place to tell you. Anyways, you should be proud! And how lucky to have a husband who support your thinness, that is really something special. Still, why wouldn't he love it, right. Man, people goes on about how beeing thin is a disease, and still no-one like to have a fatty girlfriend or boyfriend, so what's the big deal really. Myself I live with my parents, since I am still studying. And they goes on every day about how I am not eating very much and yada yada yada. I just wish I lived with someone that supported it! You are so very lucky.
And about the anonymous part I totally get it, since I am anonymous her just as well. I mean, if you like it would be nice to now your name, or a name to call you. No preasure though. And I would never wish for your friends nor family to find out, ever! They would be about pissed, as would mine!

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