Wednesday, November 9, 2011

life goes on and on and on

(Natasha Poly in Gucci for Vogue Spain November 2011)
Can't understand how life can be this wrong, all I ever do goes just like that - wrong! I wish there was a way to spin it all around, to actually accomplish something, anything! And to get out of here.. that's all I truly want. To be rid of him once and for all, but somehow it's never that simple. I used to believe I was able to actually escape this world, naively thought I could become something that does not, according to the system, exist, in style with an assassin or spy. See what a childish child I've been! Well, therefore I cut loose of everything that once mattered, since a person without identity can't know anyone, and never cared about getting to know new people.. now I kind of wish I hadn't! What if I could take it all back? Hold on to everything that mattered and never let it go? It's never as simple as that, and secret's got nothing! Although honestly, if this is how I am supposed to led this life, with a plain and ordinary dream that will never come true.. why should I continue it?

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