Monday, November 29, 2010

winter seems to be silence and still - but appearances can be deceiving and they often are

They say the greatest gift is learning to forgive, I say it's learning to forget. Because if someone hurt me bad I found it extremely difficult to forgive that person.. and i can't see why I should for that matter. The person should think about the consequences before doing.. Therefore learning to forget means forgetting about the person who did the wrong thing. It may be the most difficult thing to do, although the wises in nine cases out of ten. What do you all think? Do you find it hard to forgive a person who did wrong?


Anonymous said...

completely loving that jumper/bodysuit in the last pic. in fact all of this knitwear is so beautiful and amazing. makes me jealous that it's summer in australia now

Fashion Cappuccino said...

One of my favorite editorials because of the model, Barbara Palvin. I feel the same way as you do; it's very hard to forgive the person when they hurt you very badly especially when you did nothing wrong to deserve it in the first place. I tend to cut the person out of my life and try to forget them by making myself very busy. xxoxoxoxoo