Saturday, April 17, 2010

a day to remember, or to forgett as fast as it appears?

I suppose today is just as every other days, right?
No, wait with on exception.. I'm one year older..
I suspect that could be a good thing, one year and I've reached an age..
Though the wrinkles are appearing and I'm just feeling as lonely as ever.
You see, the thing is I hate each and every day of this life, and sooner rather than later I will end it!
That's for sure!
My life is just a whole missunderstanding, a joke!
I told my relatives that I wasn't up for celebrating it... this.
But that doesn't mean that I wanted presents either for that matter.
But they sent me gifts anyhow, and now, with all the respect, do they believe that I am just another greedy person!
Well. I might be in some cases, but this wasn't one of those!
I am just so disappointed.
When I told them that I didn't want a celebration, I thought I wouldn't be alive.
I thought I wouldn't reach the day.
Thought that the day before thiss day should be the very last day..
Although here I am very much alive!
And according to others as selfish as ever!

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