Thursday, April 22, 2010

the secret life of the american teenager

I'm watching "T.S.L.O.T.A.T." (haha, it's so long I could just as well write the whole name..) at the moment.. Never expected it to be good, but it sort of is, lol.
Amy and Ben are so cute together, but I have this feeling that Ricky and Amy is going to end up together, am I right?
However, Amy, or shall I say Shailene Woodley, is really skinny, in the first season at least, and it suits her perfectly.
So, they sloved the problem and left, anyhow.
And what is my opinion of this? It's freakin awesome, that's all there is to it!
Well, I'm alone now, left in silence.. reliefing of course, although a lot bit depressing.
You see being alone, in my case, comes with pondering, and today is no diffrent.
Guessing that's just who I am, a thinker!

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