Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Achivable goal.

When you look great this way, you appricate it!

You have to fight for beauty to once feel like you earn it, and you have achieve it to understand that it's worth it.

People always talk about model as if they were just a model..
Like "Iwant to look like her so badley" "Don't you get it.. She's a model, for God's sake! You can't possible compare yourself to a model, can you?!".
YEAH I f-ing get it!
She's just a human, and matter of fact, by judging yourself, she made it!
However, that's way this pic of Keira is my fave.. She prove them all wrong, cause she's not just a model, she is an independent women with an briliant careear ahead of her!

Before you dig into that carton of ice cream, bag of chips, etc., take a deep breath and count to 100. Usually, by the time you stop counting you will have convinced yourself that you don't really need it.
This tip is great. If you're, as me, an independent girl/women, probably something in between, you will for sure succeed. Or elce you're just not a determined as you thought you were..

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