Thursday, November 12, 2009


You can't change the past... but you are able to predict your future, though only to a certain extent, since life's suppose to be unpredictable. Though you can try to live your life the way you want it to be.. Like getting thinner! However, another thing you can do to improve yourself is to dress for success, with that said, always dress stunningly flawless.. If you one day find it hard to know what to wear, or find great pieces that actuallt works together.. here's a tip from our lovely fashiontoast blogger, Rumi Neely:

- Best quick fix is to zero in on one thing and force yourself to construct around it.

Gorgeous as she is, with an exquisite style and admirable sense of fashion..makes it's pretty hard to actually believe that her always so stylish, adorable, perfect put together.. is done by taking one thing and just throwing the other stuff on, right! But if this is the result... then I have got to try it!!!!!!


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