Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Face it don't let it face you

Skye Stracke...
what's there to say, other than she's, weirdly, cute.. dollish as well.

And she do have a brilliant sense of style.

So I follwed this, very great, advice of my sister's.. Face it don't let it face you
I started with taking a walk, by myself all alone.. And it was way dark. I walked around the park, And wait.. there's not just a park, there's a pond as well, freaky! But I did it. And the truth is, I didn't think even once about somebody coming to torture me.. The only though that crossed my mind was a rapist coming to rape me.. But what the heck?!
To day I took my lazy ass straight to the gym.. Though after talking to him, my very own therapist.. GREAT!
However, I believe it's safe to say that this advice is the best advice I have evre been given..
Soon I'll be effing fearless! And unstoppable!

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