Saturday, November 7, 2009

Express yourself

*Smiling on the outside,and hurt beneath my skin.

*Face it, don't let it face you.

*Maybe I’m just scared to face the things I fear.

*It's easier to walk away from everything.

*I'm paid to smile, now I'm on trial for what you think I said.
*never lied, I never lied, I never lied, 'cause I never said that everything would be ok,
*You're feeling sad, you're feeling lonely, and no one seems to care.
*This pain you cannot bear.

*Never look back

*Be strong, believe

*Don't stop looking, you're one step closerDon't stop searching, it's not over

*And if I make it through todayWill tomorrow be the sameAm I just running in place

*they say it's wrong, but it's right for me

*when you lay your head down, how do you sleep at night?

*Perfection is to come.

*As far as the eye can see.

I owe it to myself.

*Just hold the smile.

*I stopped trusting, but I still believe!
*I’m better off on my own.
i*t’s the only thing that I have
*It never gets easy.
*big fake smiles and stupid lies
*Nothing else matters.
*So close, no matter how far.
*Be true to yourself.
*time is running out.
*Perfect is less than perfection.
*The road to success is hard and cold
*I don't wanna be nothing

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